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126 Blog: Downs underground bunker - can you help?
I was on a Sunday school outing about 25 years ago and ended up exploring an underground chamber up on the Downs. I looked for it again about 10-15 years ago and presume it was demolished, but can anyone else remember it?
3 May 2009
127 Blog: Platoon locality with buried HQ
I took an aimless wander along a stretch of the Downs that I'd previously not explored. I wasn't expecting to find anything except some beautiful scenery, so I was surprised to find an intact platoon locality with a buried HQ.
2 May 2009
128 Blog: Getting my Vickers in a twist
I've been out and about the past few weeks looking at potential Vickers machine gun posts up on the Downs.
18 April 2009
129 Blog: Downs defended locality
Following on from my investigation of Vickers Gun positions, I went up onto the Downs looking for what promised to be an interesting defended locality held by two platoons and a Vickers section.
18 April 2009
130 Blog: National Archives visit
I was so busy at the archives yesterday that I didn't have time to write about some interesting finds.
8 April 2009
131 Blog: Lies, damn lies and statistics...
I've been asked to explain my list of statistics generated by my main database to appear on the homepage. So if you want to know how many defence works I've recorded so far, there's a few things you need to get your head round.
26 March 2009
132 Blog: Roadblock recce (23) - Offham
Offham had one roadblock and several barrel flame traps; having finished my walk across Mount Harry and up on Offham Hill I decided to have a look.
22 March 2009
133 Blog: Mount Harry defended locality
I went out to Offham near Lewes to investigate Mount Harry, one of a string of defended localities along the top of the Downs, eventually locating six slit trenches.
22 March 2009
134 Blog: New trenches - with bullet holes?
I found what appear to be bullet holes in some ironwork at a defended locality on the Downs. The position also yielded some slit trenches and a Vickers Gun position.
21 March 2009
135 Blog: Artillery observation post
I went up onto the downs today, but this wasn't a Downsforce expedition; I was looking for an artillery observation post (OP) on Windover Hill and I think I've found it.
15 March 2009
136 Blog: Roadblock recce (22) Exceat Bridge
Following my discovery of an observation post on Windover Hill, I moved down to Exceat Bridge to the site of a roadblock.
15 March 2009
137 Blog: Three years on
The Defence of East Sussex Project is three years old; I'm amazed at what I've managed to find in both the archives and the field.
10 March 2009
138 Blog: Roadblock recce (21) - Lewes
I visited a total of 14 roadblock sites in Lewes and the surrounding area today, finding only a batch of buoys that are already well-known.
8 March 2009
139 Blog: Trenchcam - new angles on a preserved trench
I went back to the intact trench I found last week in order to get better photographs and to try and understand construction details.
7 March 2009
140 Blog: Downsforce: 150 trenches - and counting!
My Downsforce research today hit a landmark with my discovering trench #150. I recorded a total of eight new trenches, taking me to 152 to date, with a few 'possibles' still to be investigated.
1 March 2009
141 Blog: An intact trench!
For me, a fantastic discovery during my fieldwork was this completely intact slit trench in a Downsforce locality.
1 March 2009
142 Blog: Roadblock recce (20) - Battle
I spent the day inspecting Battle's roadblock sites and found a set of four rail sockets at a location not listed in the Roadblock report.
28 February 2009
143 Blog: Blog maintenance and redesign
I've been continuing with tidying up the blog and have now hopefully fixed a few small presentational errors.
22 February 2009
144 Blog: National Archives visit
My second visit of 2009; it's been a slow morning but this has been due to my photographing a 300-page document from 1954 detailing the German plans to invade Britain.
18 February 2009
145 Blog: Roadblock recce (19) Bexhill
Bexhill had 30 widely dispersed roadblocks, which is why it's taken me three trips so far. Today's excursion polished off 8 of the outstanding 12 locations.
16 February 2009
146 Blog: Back at Bexhill
I returned to Bexhill today to reacquaint myself with the area; I ended up finding loads of cubes scattered on the beach and two slit trenches.
7 February 2009
147 Blog: What future for the Martello Towers?
There has been recent debate regarding the future of Martello Towers 64 and 66.
31 January 2009
148 Blog: Eight new trenches
I returned today to the spot where I found two new section localities on my previous visit and am fairly certain that I've found eight new trenches with two pieces of luck.
24 January 2009
149 Blog: Website redesign!
I've made a few changes to, adding a whole new section outlining my various projects.
22 January 2009
150 Blog: The Real Dad's Army
The TV documentary that originally sparked the Defence of East Sussex Project was shown again yesterday.
18 January 2009

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