Posted: 1 November 2008 23:42

Pillbox site redesign Over the past couple of weeks I've been redesigning the Defence of East Sussex Project homepage and the site in general.

I've increased the width of the site from 800 to 1000 pixels in order to get more content on each page.

I originally designed the site to work at a minimum of 800x600 pixels, but it seems that the majority of web users now have a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels, which means that a lot of useful space is being wasted at the sides (where you see the concrete background image if your resolution is greater than 800x600).

The image shows how the old and new hompages look on my monitor which is 1280x768 pixels.

I've also devoted most of the homepage to my most recent blog posts, as this is where the most frequent updating of the site is happening.

Project statistics are listed to the left, as again, they are regularly updated.

There's still one or two small issues to sort out with this new wider design, and the odd change may well happen here and there over the coming weeks as I iron out minor glitches and have new ideas.

The only major glitch is the width of blog pages which are the same content width as previously; this is because they are actually situated on my website where the blog database sits. As this site is still designed for 800x600, the blog has to remain at this width or else the flow of text in relation to images becomes messy.

Otherwise, I hope to concentrate more on getting the latest info posted than aesthetics - let me know if you experience any problems!

- Pete



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Generic term for a hardened field defensive structure usually constructed from concrete and/or masonry. Pillboxes were built in numerous types and variants depending on location and role.

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