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101 Blog: Anti-tank ditch at Crowborough
In a previous post I mentioned a series of visits to part of the GHQ Line at Old Lodge Warren. New documentary research and fieldwork have revealed some interesting aspects of an anti-tank ditch in the area.
13 February 2010
102 Blog: More interesting finds at TNA
My second trip of 2010 to the National Archives has thrown up some new aspects of defence and my most unusual find amongst the documents for several years.
12 February 2010
103 Blog: A small Holy Grail find in TNA
My first visit to Kew in 2010 has turfed up an interesting document that gives an enormous list of defence works, including pillboxes, roadblocks and railblocks.
30 January 2010
104 Blog: Keyhole surgery at Cuckmere Haven
I've taken a few trips to Cuckmere Haven in recent months to try and photograph an inaccessible pillbox interior through its single embrasure.
17 January 2010
105 Blog: Concrete Evidence relaunch!
I've been working especially hard on the database side of things since July; progress has been such that I'm now able to relaunch Concrete Evidence.
13 January 2010
106 Blog: Ice Concrete Pillbox
The current freezing weather has prevented me from getting out, so I spent an hour or two outside building a Type 22 Pillbox in the snow.
9 January 2010
107 Blog: Pillboxes at Old Lodge Warren
I've recently been active in the northern sector of East Sussex. It's been a while since I did any 'pillbox-chasing' as I've been absorbed in trenches and roadblocks of late, so I took a wander along the GHQ line at Old Lodge Warren near Crowborough.
14 December 2009
108 Blog: Catching up
I'm several months behind on reading emails and blogging partly due to technical problems, so if you've sent me an email and not had a response, please bear with me!
26 November 2009
109 Blog: In Remembrance
In previous years I have written about minefield accidents and I predicted in last year's Remembrance piece that I would be writing about similar events this year. I have found many more, but I'm going to focus on two events, one tragic, the other poignant.
7 November 2009
110 Blog: Yet another Downs locality
An excursion in search of an underground battle headquarters took me into a small trenched locality on the Downs.
22 October 2009
111 Blog: A new locality and trench #300!
An excursion last week saw me finally locate a missing company locality on the Downs - an amazing haul of 31 trenches took me well over the 300 mark.
20 October 2009
112 Blog: Roadblock recce (30) - Cuckmere bridges
A quick recce of a couple of bridges over the Cuckmere River revealed no surviving evidence of roadblocks.
17 October 2009
113 Blog: It's not a Home Guard locality...
A return visit has made me change my mind on the locality I found recently; I now think it was an army position as a result of a map-reading error.
28 September 2009
114 Blog: Another Home Guard Downs locality!
I spent a fantastic day hunting down a Home Guard locality, finding some slit trenches and some rare weapon pits.
26 September 2009
115 Blog: A new Downs locality
I went up to a fresh area of the Downs to look for prepared positions and came away having identified 14 new slit trenches with at least another six possibles.
24 September 2009
116 Blog: A Downland Home Guard locality
I spent a pleasant afternoon up on the Downs following the discovery of a Home Guard slit trench on some high ground overlooking a road.
21 September 2009
117 Blog: Roadblock recce (29) - Norman's Bay
The Army was critical of the roads at Norman's Bay, but only one roadblock was listed here in late 1941. There was no surviving evidence of it, although I did find an odd array of pimples.
21 August 2009
118 Blog: Roadblock recce (28) - Sharpsbridge
I've been meaning to visit roadblocks at Sharpsbridge and Buckham Hill on account of a type of large concrete block that has been recorded at both locations.
19 August 2009
119 Blog: Roadblock recce (27) - the 'Maginot Line'
A Canadian war diary jokingly refers to the locality around Langney Bridge as the "Maginot Line" and looking at both British and German documents, we can see why.
17 August 2009
120 Blog: Roadblock recce (26) - Stone Cross
Stone Cross was an important road junction and was therefore defended as a nodal point, with five roadblocks defining the perimeter.
17 August 2009
121 Blog: Roadblock recce (25) - Buxted
I spent the day looking for roadblocks around Buxted; I found no remains of any, but did come across some pillboxes.
10 August 2009
122 Blog: Defended localities - St. Leonards - Hastings
I spent today in the St. Leonards - Hastings area investigating platoon localities on the seafront, based on maps I found in the National Archives.
8 August 2009
123 Blog: Roadblock recce (24) - St. Leonards
After a break from surveying roadblocks, I got back into the swing of things by driving out to St. Leonards to investigate some sites in the area.
8 August 2009
124 Blog: Is HMS Forward sunk?
The tunnels that form part of the underground Naval HQ at South Heighton seem to be causing damage to a road in a housing estate built on top of them.
21 July 2009
125 Blog: 24 more trenches - and another buried HQ!
Following my discovery of a platoon locality with a buried HQ, another trip up onto the Downs revealed another locality with an identical buried HQ.
4 May 2009

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