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151 Blog: Roadblock recce (20) - Battle
I spent the day inspecting Battle's roadblock sites and found a set of four rail sockets at a location not listed in the Roadblock report.
28 February 2009
152 Blog: Blog maintenance and redesign
I've been continuing with tidying up the blog and have now hopefully fixed a few small presentational errors.
22 February 2009
153 Blog: National Archives visit
My second visit of 2009; it's been a slow morning but this has been due to my photographing a 300-page document from 1954 detailing the German plans to invade Britain.
18 February 2009
154 Blog: Roadblock recce (19) Bexhill
Bexhill had 30 widely dispersed roadblocks, which is why it's taken me three trips so far. Today's excursion polished off 8 of the outstanding 12 locations.
16 February 2009
155 Blog: Back at Bexhill
I returned to Bexhill today to reacquaint myself with the area; I ended up finding loads of cubes scattered on the beach and two slit trenches.
7 February 2009
156 Blog: What future for the Martello Towers?
There has been recent debate regarding the future of Martello Towers 64 and 66.
31 January 2009
157 Blog: Eight new trenches
I returned today to the spot where I found two new section localities on my previous visit and am fairly certain that I've found eight new trenches with two pieces of luck.
24 January 2009
158 Blog: Website redesign!
I've made a few changes to, adding a whole new section outlining my various projects.
22 January 2009
159 Blog: The Real Dad's Army
The TV documentary that originally sparked the Defence of East Sussex Project was shown again yesterday.
18 January 2009
160 Blog: National Archives visit
My first trip of 2009; I'm continuing the trawl through Canadian documents although missing defence schemes have frustrated me thus far.
17 January 2009
161 Blog: Fired by a Bren gun?
Finding a .303 cartridge up on the Downs today, I decided to examine it minutely with anorak precision and I think it was fired by a machine gun.
11 January 2009
162 Blog: National Archives visit
My last visit of 2008 is turning up a few interesting documents; I've already found a location statement for a machine gun battalion, plus a few odds and ends.
30 December 2008
163 Blog: Roadblock recce (18) Boreham Street - Ninfield - Catsfield
My roadblock site visits have now hit the 150 mark following a trip to Boreham Street, Ninfield and Catsfield. I found a pair of pimples embedded in a wall as well as a slit trench.
29 December 2008
164 Blog: Away in a slit trench
I spent Christmas morning up on the Downs discovering yet another slit trench; nothing remarkable in light of recent discoveries, but it did reveal useful construction data.
25 December 2008
165 Blog: Shape-changing trench
A return visit to a Downsforce location revealed six new slit trenches and one that had changed shape since I last saw it...
21 December 2008
166 Blog: Roadblock recce (17) John's Cross - Cripp's Corner
On my way into Kent today, I stopped off and did some roadblock work at John's Cross and Cripp's Corner.
17 December 2008
167 Blog: Downsforce - flame trap, pipe mine and yet more trenches
I spent the morning up on the Downs in an area occupied by a company of Downsforce troops, looking for more trenches, a flame trap and a Canadian pipe mine.
14 December 2008
168 Blog: Cuckmere Haven defences to be lost under water
The Environment Agency has today announced plans to end maintenance of flood defences at Cuckmere Haven, consigning the surviving WW2 defences to a watery grave.
10 December 2008
169 Blog: Important Sussex defence work demolished
It is with regret that I have to report the destruction of the WW2 roof on Martello Tower 55 at Norman's Bay.
7 December 2008
170 Blog: Mapping a Downsforce platoon locality
I spent a very cold and windy morning up on the Downs mapping out a platoon locality. A productive rummage in the long grass revealed a total of 5 new slit trenches.
30 November 2008
171 Blog: Pillboxopedia
I've spent the past few days creating Pillboxopedia, an encyclopedia of terms relating to UK anti-invasion defences and the invasion threat in general.
22 November 2008
172 Blog: Foxhole becomes rabbit hole
Having been laid up with a cold the past few days, today's visit onto the Downs was short, but I did find a new slit trench and yet more shrapnel.
16 November 2008
173 Blog: Time Team - Lost WW1 bunker
This evening's Time Team Special examined the excavation of a WW1 brigade HQ near Paschendaele. I've been searching for a similar structure dug in East Sussex by the Canadians in 1941.
10 November 2008
174 Blog: In Remembrance
Earlier this year I paid a visit to Rye and found the graves of three men who died within ten days of each other at the height of the invasion scare in 1940.
9 November 2008
175 Blog: Shorncliffe: birthplace of modern soldiering
Despite my East Sussex focus I went to Kent on a fascinating tour of Shorncliffe Redoubt, the military cemetery and a WW1 training trench system. A WW2 pillbox was also on the itinerary.
8 November 2008

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