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51 Blog: Bomb craters (6) - mystery bunker identified!
Several years ago I stumbled across an unusual underground bunker on a steep hillside on the Downs near Eastbourne. The structure remained a mystery until I began writing this series of blog entries about bomb craters.
26 July 2012
52 Blog: What future for Newhaven Fort?
It has been announced that Newhaven Fort is to be leased out by Lewes District Council, thereby threatening the future of an important piece of British Heritage.
12 July 2012
53 Blog: Bomb craters (5) - 500kg bomb near Eastbourne
The five bomb craters I've described so far have all been found by fieldwork; a bomb report lead to my locating another feature on the Downs, again, near Eastbourne.
10 July 2012
54 Blog: Bomb craters (4) - Bomb Reconnaissance
In Part 2 and Part 3 of this series, we looked at some bomb craters near Lewes and Eastbourne. It's time we had a look at some of the German bombs that might have caused them.
9 July 2012
55 Blog: Bomb craters (3) - Eastbourne
In Part 2 we looked at the landscape evidence of some bomb craters near Lewes and I promised that we'd look at another two craters; further research for this post has, however, revealed a third!
5 July 2012
56 Blog: Bomb craters (2) - Lewes
I ended the first part of this series with a photograph of what I think is one of a pair of bomb craters. In part two, we look at these features and discuss the evidence that convinces me as to what they are.
19 June 2012
57 Blog: Bomb craters (1)
Over the past few years I've been looking into bomb craters - literally! A combination of documentary and landscape evidence has revealed some amazing stories.
13 June 2012
58 Blog: Invasion signals
I attended the firing of a beacon on Mount Harry, near Lewes, on June 4th. Nowadays, such events only happen as part of public celebrations, but there was a time when beacons and their later equivalents carried a dark message.
6 June 2012
59 Blog: Pevensey Castle Model
The Romans built a fort at Pevensey to deter Saxon raids in c340 AD. 1600 years later, the ancient walls were laced with pillboxes to meet a new Saxon threat. This fascinating mix of ancient and modern defences are now being digitally reconstructed in 3D.
3 June 2012
60 Blog: Sussex Military History Society Study Day
I had the honour of being invited to speak at the Sussex Military History Society 'Land, Air & Sea' 2012 Study Day at Newhaven Fort on May 26.
1 June 2012
61 Blog: New interpretation board unveiled
An interpretation board that reconstructs part of the coastal defences of Sussex has been erected on the beach at Bexhill.
13 May 2012
62 Blog: Mystery of the tank in the sea
Locals have known for years of the remains of a WW2 tank off the Sussex coast, but mystery still surrounds the circumstances of how it came to be in the sea. A visit to the site reveals some scattered remains in the surf.
25 April 2012
63 Blog: Pillbox camouflage revealed
The pillbox on Frant Green is well known and much photographed. New documentary research reveals a lot about this and other long-forgotten GHQ Line pillboxes - including their camouflage schemes.
22 April 2012
64 Blog: Mystery structure identified!
Most people probably wouldn't regard this as a mystery structure, as it has already been recorded as an anti-tank gun emplacement. New research reveals the real purpose of this building at Pett.
19 April 2012
65 Blog: Now We Are Six
10 March 2012 marked the sixth anniversary of the Defence of East Sussex Project; today signals the point at which my research has lasted longer than World War Two itself!
13 March 2012
66 Blog: Pillbox at Camber
I've been spending some time out at Rye and Camber looking at the defences there; one pillbox in particular has occupied a large proportion of my time. A 3D reconstruction was produced despite a key problem experienced during the survey process.
11 December 2011
67 Blog: In Remembrance
By sheer coincidence my Remembrance piece follows on from last year's post based on some of the stories behind those who lie in Hastings Cemetery. This year I look at some tragic flying bomb incidents of July 1944.
10 November 2011
68 Blog: Did the Germans really destroy Martello Tower 63?
After 23 years of researching Martello Towers, I've finally got to the bottom of a mystery surrounding the loss of one near Pevensey and learned an important lesson in trusting what the documents say.
30 October 2011
69 Blog: Tip and Run raids and HAA Battery NH7
The Luftwaffe began mounting 'Tip and Run' raids on the English south coast towns in 1941. Some documents, fieldwork and an impromptu air display provide some interesting insights as we follow an anti-aircraft battery from construction through its first engagements.
18 October 2011
70 Blog: A pleasant surprise at Fairlight
A trip to Fairlight to locate a few wartime features and research an incident brought about an unexpected opportunity and a chance discovery.
14 August 2011
71 Blog: Flying Bombs over East Sussex
On the night of 12th-13th June 1944 - barely one week after the Allied invasion of France - the Germans unleashed the first of their Vengeance Weapons in the shape of the V1 flying bomb.
29 July 2011
72 Blog: Why Cuckmere Haven is of national importance
In 2008 the Environment Agency announced its intention to withdraw maintenance of the flood defences at Cuckmere Haven thereby threatening the future of the area's heritage.
30 May 2011
73 Blog: Fascinating new evidence at Cuckmere Haven!
A couple of visits to Cuckmere Haven have located the sites of two demolished pillboxes. Some graffiti dating to 1940 was also discovered.
23 May 2011
74 Blog: Cat Scratch Fever: anti-landing trenches
You can see why an archaeologist friend of mine refers to them as cat scratches. Luftwaffe aerial photographs show the locations of trenches dug on the Downs to prevent aircraft landing. Fieldwork reveals surviving evidence.
26 February 2011
75 Blog: Water company unearths roadblock obstacles
A story reported by the BBC recently described how work on replacing water pipelines in Seaford was delayed by the discovery of some WW2 concrete obstacles.
25 February 2011

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