Posted: 17 January 2009 12:35

My first trip of 2009; I'm continuing the trawl through Canadian documents although missing defence schemes have frustrated me thus far.

I have, however, found a list of beach lights, a Home Guard location statement and a humerous incident involving a regimental mascot and the spillage of some liquid blanco!

Something else I turned up quite by accident in the TNA catalogue were references to "Wolf Battalions" of which I have never heard. I drew one file and found that particular unit was staioned in Heathfield, in my area. I couldn't work out what the unit's precise role was though or the significance of "Wolf", but I've ordered some more of these files for this afternoon and will hopefully find out what they're all about.

Evening update: "Wolf" battalions are not as dynamic/secretive as they sound; they were basically units drafted in to temporarily relieve front-line formations while they participated in training exercises. You learn something new every day!

- Pete



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Defence scheme

A military plan of defence for a specified area. Defence Schemes were issued at numerous levels. Defence Schemes were later known as Plans to Defeat Invasion on the orders of General Montgomery.


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