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201 Blog: Roadblock recce (1) - Rickney/Pevensey
I started my visits of roadblock locations today, taking a trip out to Pevensey and Westham via Rickney and Wartling on my mountain bike.
22 July 2008
202 Blog: Roadblocks
I've been meaning to post some info on the roadblock report I recently found and a side-project it has stimulated.
22 July 2008
203 Blog: Some Holy Grails of research
My previous post cryptically referred to some "unbelieveably fantastic papers" that I found several weeks ago in The National Archives.
5 July 2008
204 Blog: National Archives Visit
This visit actually took place on 14th June, but as usual, I'm behind with blogging.
28 June 2008
205 Blog: National Archives visits
This post actually covers two visits; that of a week last Friday as well as today.
7 June 2008
206 Blog: Newhaven Defences (2)
I spent a thoroughly enjoyable day at Newhaven Fort; arriving just after opening time, I wanted to get up onto the gun area to take photos before too many fellow visitors had the same idea.
11 May 2008
207 Blog: Demolition chambers
I find bank holiday weekends a double-edged sword; while I love the extra day off, it's annoying not being able to do normal things.
9 May 2008
208 Blog: Bridges at Barcombe Mills
During Saturday's archive visit I came across mention of a new bridge being built at Barcombe Mills by the Canadians in 1941 to allow heavy tanks to cross the River Ouse.
27 April 2008
209 Blog: National Archives visit
I'm back at Kew again today; it seems as though the memorial at Cuckmere Haven is controversial; I'll explain more in a later post.
26 April 2008
210 Blog: Memorial at Cuckmere Haven
Every time I visit Cuckmere Haven, I learn something new.
20 April 2008
211 Blog: Rye Harbour Defences
I spent an interesting day investigating some of the defences of Rye Harbour.
11 April 2008
212 Blog: An interesting day filming
I spent today with a TV crew who were filming a new series; unfortunately I can't yet tell you what or where, other than it was at an anti-invasion site somewhere in southern England.
18 March 2008
213 Blog: Pett Emergency Coast Defence Battery (2)
Back in October 2006, I described a visit to Pett Emergency Coast Defence Battery, a large part of which still remains comparitively intact, although derelict.
22 February 2008
214 Blog: ESRO visit
On Tuesday I began documentary research at a more local level by paying a visit to the East Sussex County Record Office (ESRO) in Lewes.
21 February 2008
215 Blog: Time Team at Shooters Hill
Tonight's Time Team episode investigated the anti-invasion defences of Shooters Hill in London which was on one of the capital's stop lines.
10 February 2008
216 Blog: Martello Tower 61 Battery Observation Post (2)
I spent today back at Martello Tower 61 as the 'resident historian' during the estate agent's open day.
9 February 2008
217 Blog: Martello Tower 61 Battery Observation Post
I spent this afternoon taking a look around Martello Tower No.61 at Pevensey Bay.
26 January 2008
218 Blog: Getting some Zs
I've been playing with Google Sketchup again and recreated the Z1 anti-tank scaffolding that was erected along hundreds of miles of beach in 1940-41.
19 January 2008
219 Blog: Piecing together the Bexhill defences (1)
I spent today being blown around by high winds at Bexhill.
28 December 2007
220 Blog: Polegate Nodal Point
I spent the afternoon wandering around Polegate, looking for remains of the Nodal Point defences marked on a sketch map I found in The National Archives.
16 December 2007
221 Blog: Fun with 3D Pillboxes
I've been playing with geometric drawings with Google Earth to produce 3D pillboxes.
2 December 2007
222 Blog: The Defence of East Sussex
The one advantage of having been ill for several weeks is that when I've not been sleeping uncontrollably and have had the energy, I've made progress on my anti-invasion research.
14 November 2007
223 Blog: Anti-Tank Ditches
I recently came across the following reference in an infantry brigade defence scheme:
11 November 2007
224 Blog: We shall fight them with the beaches
Took a trip out to Bexhill today looking for the usual anti-invasion remains, plus the location of an unusual defence; the shingle projector.
25 August 2007
225 Blog: Inspecting the drains
I found myself back over the border in Kent today, looking into drains. I spent the day at Dymchurch Redoubt on account of the research I've done on this fortification and its twin at Eastbourne.
15 August 2007

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