Posted: 31 January 2009 15:09

There has been recent debate regarding the future of Martello Towers 64 and 66.

Following this article in the Eastbourne Herald of 9 January, the use of both these towers is uncertain.

Martello Tower 66

A fantastic use for Tower 66 has been proposed and seemingly ignored by Sovereign Harbour (who own both towers), and Eastbourne Borough Council.

The proposal has been put forward by the Resolution Project which has been diving and researching a shipwreck in Norman's Bay since 2005.

The Project are proposing to use Tower 66 as a marine heritage centre and as their base; in this they have the support of the local MP and of course, myself.

I feel that too many Martello Towers are now being renovated for residential use and the Resolution Project is the ideal use in opening the tower to the public while preserving as much of the tower's heritage as possible. This is especially important to me following the needless recent destruction of Tower 55's roof.

See the Resolution Project's proposal for Tower 66 on their website at: Resolution Centre.htm. It's important that this proposal is allowed to proceed, as there are no other plans for either of the towers, which will probably stand in their sorry derelict state for many more years.

So, if you feel as I do about this fantastic opportunity to preserve our heritage and can help the Resolution Project's proposal become reality, then please get in touch with them via their website!

- Pete



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Napoleonic gun towers built along the vulnerable coasts of SE England 1805-1812. Most that still stood in 1940 were occupied for military defence, as artillery observation posts or by the Royal Observer Corps. Many towers had a concrete roof added for extra protection.

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