Posted: 25 October 2008 23:55

I went for a walk up to Firle Beacon to investigate positions occupied by Downsforce. A few hours spent in a howling gale revealed seven slit trenches I had missed on previous visits.

The photo below shows an unexpected cluster of three trenches I located near the trig point up on Firle Beacon.

Firle Beacon

I won't go into full detail about today's findings just now as I've only recently begun to blog 'live' (i.e. on the same day) again and I haven't really set out what I've already done on the Project - I'll try and catch up on this in the next few days.

- Pete



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Slit trench

Small, narrow trench designed to provide protection against shrapnel and other battlefield hazards. Technically distinct from a weapon pit (which was intended soley as a defensive position) slit trenches were also used as defence works.

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