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76 Blog: Data failure
I've had yet another data mishap due to an extreme failure on my laptop. Fortunately, I have managed to access most of the data I thought had been lost, but my email is still affected.
25 February 2011
77 Blog: The airstrips that never were
Further to my discovery of a series of airstrips in a concentrated area, research has revealed the what, why and when surrounding this little mystery.
9 January 2011
78 Blog: An interesting earthwork
A quick forray into the woods to locate an airstrip resulted in my finding what appears at first glance to be an artillery gunpit.
8 January 2011
79 Blog: My largest find
A chance conversation led to an interesting afternoon's investigation and the largest piece of surviving evidence I've found to date.
30 December 2010
80 Blog: In Remembrance
I recently took two trips to Hastings Cemetery to locate the graves of service personnel who lost their lives through enemy action or accident. Having found many WW2 graves in one small plot, the stories behind those laid to rest here are fascinating, if inevitably tragic.
1 November 2010
81 Blog: Rail blocks
My research has so far revealed the locations of over 600 roadblocks in East Sussex. However, railway lines were also blocked using similar methods, but I've never really investigated rail blocks to date.
16 October 2010
82 Blog: Pillbox find at Southease Bridge
I recently went looking for the site of a Type 24 pillbox near Southease Bridge on the River Ouse between Newhaven and Lewes, and, much to my surprise, actually found it.
11 October 2010
83 Blog: Pier pillbox
Having been in Brighton yesterday for non-research purposes, I couldn't resist a quick trip to see a pillbox underneath the entrance to the old West Pier.
4 October 2010
84 Blog: Bunkers on a golf course
A trio of Type 25 pillboxes on a golf course at Seaford have been generating traffic in my inbox regarding a supposed "secret" installation that they guarded. A bit of research provides the answer.
3 October 2010
85 Blog: Back to work
A lot has changed on the Defence of East Sussex Project front over the past year, not all of which is apparent from reading this blog or other section of the website.
5 September 2010
86 Blog: Pillboxes for Dummies
Trawling through the National Archives last year I came across some plans for building dummy pillboxes, and, knowing that such devices were used in small numbers in East Sussex, I decided to build a 3D model of one.
30 July 2010
87 Blog: Site redesign
You may have noticed a few design alterations creeping in across the website of late as part of my online strategy. The most visible change is perhaps the replacement of the 'Pillbox' logo graphic at the top of each page.
26 June 2010
88 Blog: Monday 24/6/40
A recent foray out into the field lead to the discovery of some grafitti on some dragon's teeth that provided some excellent dating evidence of a defensive line that included a section of anti-tank ditch.
24 June 2010
89 Blog: Cuckmere Haven Defences Model V.3.1
Those of you who have attended one of my talks will know that I've built a 3D 'virtual reality' model of the defences of Cuckmere Haven and blog followers have seen some elements of the model already.
15 June 2010
90 Blog: With a Vickers Gun to Cuckmere
A short while ago I was presented with a fantastic opportunity to set up a Vickers Gun in a pillbox at Cuckmere Haven as part of a filming project. I ended up learning a lot about one of the pillboxes as a result.
13 June 2010
91 Blog: YouTube channel launched
I signed up to YouTube just over 2 years ago with the intent of posting videos. As with many things I intend to do, I never say exactly when I may do them. However, instead of using that sentiment to launch a political career, I decided to finally launch my new media outlet.
12 April 2010
92 Blog: Follow me on Twitter
The Defence of East Sussex Project is now on Twitter! I've set up an account for two reasons; firstly, to feed in to an established communications medium and secondly to cover a gap in my blogging.
10 April 2010
93 Blog: Anti-tank ditch at Crowborough
In a previous post I mentioned a series of visits to part of the GHQ Line at Old Lodge Warren. New documentary research and fieldwork have revealed some interesting aspects of an anti-tank ditch in the area.
13 February 2010
94 Blog: More interesting finds at TNA
My second trip of 2010 to the National Archives has thrown up some new aspects of defence and my most unusual find amongst the documents for several years.
12 February 2010
95 Blog: A small Holy Grail find in TNA
My first visit to Kew in 2010 has turfed up an interesting document that gives an enormous list of defence works, including pillboxes, roadblocks and railblocks.
30 January 2010
96 Blog: Keyhole surgery at Cuckmere Haven
I've taken a few trips to Cuckmere Haven in recent months to try and photograph an inaccessible pillbox interior through its single embrasure.
17 January 2010
97 Blog: Concrete Evidence relaunch!
I've been working especially hard on the database side of things since July; progress has been such that I'm now able to relaunch Concrete Evidence.
13 January 2010
98 Blog: Ice Concrete Pillbox
The current freezing weather has prevented me from getting out, so I spent an hour or two outside building a Type 22 Pillbox in the snow.
9 January 2010
99 Blog: Pillboxes at Old Lodge Warren
I've recently been active in the northern sector of East Sussex. It's been a while since I did any 'pillbox-chasing' as I've been absorbed in trenches and roadblocks of late, so I took a wander along the GHQ line at Old Lodge Warren near Crowborough.
14 December 2009
100 Blog: Catching up
I'm several months behind on reading emails and blogging partly due to technical problems, so if you've sent me an email and not had a response, please bear with me!
26 November 2009

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