Posted: 30 December 2008 13:45

My last visit of 2008 is turning up a few interesting documents; I've already found a location statement for a machine gun battalion, plus a few odds and ends.

I've taken a quick detour into some West Sussex documents in order to get a handle on some areas that later became part of the East Sussex Divisional Area such as Lewes and picked up some useful background information on units.

I've also been doing some research on mines for a new project I've just started; I'm hoping to find out about the strategy of mine warfare as well as details of the mines themselves.

I'll be adding a new section to in the near future to detail various ongoing projects.

- Pete



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Generic term for a hardened field defensive structure usually constructed from concrete and/or masonry. Pillboxes were built in numerous types and variants depending on location and role.

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