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176 Blog: Inspecting the drains
I found myself back over the border in Kent today, looking into drains. I spent the day at Dymchurch Redoubt on account of the research I've done on this fortification and its twin at Eastbourne.
15 August 2007
177 Blog: Tombstone graveyard
I drove out to Cooden (Bexhill) today to have a look at some anti-tank cubes in Cooden Moat.
22 April 2007
178 Blog: Battle nodal point
On 15 April, I drove out to Battle to see what, if anything, was left of the nodal point defences.
22 April 2007
179 Blog: Art Deco dragon's tooth
Back on 8 April, I took a second visit out to Ninfield to do some follow-up on my previous discovery of over 90 cubes.
22 April 2007
180 Blog: Ninfield nodal point
This afternoon I drove out to Ninfield, a town just north of Bexhill which was classified as a nodal point and fortress designed to resist invading forces for up to 7 days without outside assistance.
2 April 2007
181 Blog: Two-storey pillbox
Having just acquired a car, I decided to get out and about and take in some anti-invasion defences that are harder to get to on bike.
25 March 2007
182 Blog: is live! is finally ready to go!
10 March 2007
183 Blog: Not long now; really is coming!
I've been working furiously to get my long-promised website in a state whereby it's fit for public consumption.
8 March 2007
184 Blog: Pillbox ballistics (2)
Continuing my examination of possible wartime damage to a Type 22 pillbox beside the Royal Military Canal at Ruckinge, I'm going to concentrate on the damage indicated by the area shaded in red below.
18 February 2007
185 Blog: Pillbox ballistics (1)
What was so interesting about this Type 22 pillbox (photo taken June 2006), that I had to go and visit it yesterday?
14 February 2007
186 Blog: Royal Military Canal (3)
I've just looked in the mirror and realised why people on the train were giving me funny looks; I have several splashes of dried mud on my face, in my hair and up the front of my fleece jacket.
13 February 2007
187 Blog: Roadblocks
I came across two roadblock sites today on my way to Bexhill to try and get a problem with my new laptop (I'll post something about this at a later date) fixed.
3 January 2007
188 Blog: New pillbox website on the way!
I've hinted in recent posts that I've been developing a new website related to pillboxes. I was hoping to have launched the full site by now, but recent events and pressures have delayed it slightly.
1 January 2007
189 Blog: National Archives visit
My third and final day of my visit, I arrived here an hour later than planned due to a last-minute decision to go chasing pillboxes. I've seen a total of 5 and a spigot mortar pedestal today, although my photos taken from the train are not clear.
24 November 2006
190 Blog: In Remembrance
I'm writing this piece on Remembrance Day inspired by my research into anti-invasion defences being constructed by 45 Division in Sussex and Kent in 1940.
11 November 2006
191 Blog: Back at Pillbox Alley
The end of October and still the weather remains warm! Taking advantage of today's sunshine (it was jeans and t-shirt weather), I paid another visit to Barcombe Mills to build on my previous trip along part of the GHQ Line.
29 October 2006
192 Blog: Beaches, fields, streets and hills
Having had a nasty virus over the weekend, something that has helped speed my recovery was the delivery of Beaches, fields, streets and hills: the anti-invasion landscapes of England, 1940 by William Foot. (CBA Research Report No.144, Council for British Archaeology 2006; ISBN 1 902771 53 2).
23 October 2006
193 Blog: The GHQ Line
I couldn't believe the weather forecast for today; bright sunshine with temperatures of about 19-20°C - not bad for the middle of October!
15 October 2006
194 Blog: Royal Military Canal (2)
On 27 September (yes, I am nearly 3 weeks behind with my blogging!), I resumed my bike ride along the Royal Military Canal from where I left off previously.
14 October 2006
195 Blog: National Archives visit
I survived a monsoon to get to the archives today; so much rain fell inside about an hour, that the drainage system was overwhelmed.
11 October 2006
196 Blog: Newhaven Defences
On 24 September, I cycled all the way out to Newhaven to look at the defences there; Newhaven was a strategically important port during the war, and still operates today.
9 October 2006
197 Blog: Pett Emergency Coast Defence Battery
Last Monday I took the train to Hastings and cycled out to Pett Level, to visit the remains of a WW2 Emergency Coast Battery.
5 October 2006
198 Blog: Cuckmere Haven defences
On 10 September I rode out to Cuckmere Haven again to take another look at the western side of the river.
4 October 2006
199 Blog: Catching up
I've been very busy the past few weeks; the weather has been surprisingly good for this time of year, and I've been out and about so much that I've not had time to record my activities.
1 October 2006
200 Blog: A curious research milestone...
I finally found time to award myself a day away from everything else and to catch up on some documents on anti-invasion measures I'd photographed at the archives some weeks ago.
18 September 2006

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