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201 Blog: Da Vinci code or just talking blocks?
Regular readers of my blog (if such people exist) are probably bored of this photo by now, but it appears here for the third time to tie up a loose thread left by my archive visit of 10 May.
21 June 2006
202 Blog: 1940 minefield incidents
I mentioned previously that I had found mention of an incident in the war diary of a Royal Engineers Field Company who oversaw many of the defensive preparations in my corner of Sussex in 1940.
11 June 2006
203 Blog: London defences
I spent the morning in London, inspecting some defence works, including the site of the Rotundras.
10 June 2006
204 Blog: The Royal Military Canal
I've got a few days off, so yesterday I decided to take advantage of the good weather. Hopping onto a train to Folkestone, I started cycling back towards Sussex along the Royal Military Canal, taking in the scenery and pillboxes along the way.
8 June 2006
205 Blog: Crouching viper, hidden dragon (tooth)...
As the weather was fine yesterday, I managed to get out to Cuckmere Haven again to check out an anti-tank wall.
5 June 2006
206 Blog: A second bite of a dragon's tooth
I finished the last blog with this photo of 20 blocks at Cuckmere Haven, but while I was processing the full-size image, I noticed what seems to be some writing on the end block that I had not noticed when I was actually there.
12 April 2006
207 Blog: Cuckmere Haven defences
Taking advantage of the relatively good weather, I took a trip out to Cuckmere Haven, a gap in the chalk cliffs between Eastbourne and Seaford where the Germans would have landed had Operation Sealion been given the go-ahead.
9 April 2006
208 Blog: The Long Man of Wilmington
As the weather for today was the best forecast for the weekend, I decided to jump on my bike and get out into the countryside again.
1 April 2006
209 Blog: Rickney Roadblock 2
Following on from yesterday's blog, this Type 25 "Armco" pillbox stands beside a rough track that leads to Pevensey Radar Station; see Subterranean Britannica for the history of this Chain Home Station.
20 March 2006
210 Blog: Rickney Roadblock
As the sun was shining all morning I decided to jump on my bike after lunch and get some exercise while taking in some anti-invasion defences in the locality; see my blog of 10 March.
19 March 2006
211 Blog: Invasion defences
I've just watched part 2 of Channel 4's documentary The Real Dad's Army, originally aired last Monday. The series so far has been very good, and I can't wait for the final part, which will look at the secret British resistance movement.
10 March 2006

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