Posted: 11 October 2006 13:33

I survived a monsoon to get to the archives today; so much rain fell inside about an hour, that the drainage system was overwhelmed.

At Richmond Station, the gutters were spouting a deluge of water, creating large puddles everywhere. Even crossing the road was hazardous; the drains couldn't cope, and the flood was starting to spill over onto the pavements. To get across, I had to jump a 5-feet wide water obstacle in both gutters. My feet are still wet though.

I've been continuing my search through war diaries and defence schemes; so far I've been looking at isolated diaries to get pages I missed first time round, although I did find an interesting 55 Division document on laying minefields.

I've got a few more diaries to look through and a couple of Porton Down files on tests in pillboxes, so I don't think I'll get enough time to do some family research too.

- Pete



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Defence scheme

A military plan of defence for a specified area. Defence Schemes were issued at numerous levels. Defence Schemes were later known as Plans to Defeat Invasion on the orders of General Montgomery.


Generic term for a hardened field defensive structure usually constructed from concrete and/or masonry. Pillboxes were built in numerous types and variants depending on location and role.

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