Posted: 11 June 2006 21:47

I mentioned previously that I had found mention of an incident in the war diary of a Royal Engineers Field Company who oversaw many of the defensive preparations in my corner of Sussex in 1940.

On 20 September 1940, the company sent a Sergeant Fall to Newhaven to lay "mushroom" mines; one of these exploded, killing an N.C.O. of the Royal Sussex Regiment and seriously injuring Fall. He was taken to hospital with serious injuries, where he died the following day.

A second incident occurred shortly afterwards on 22 September at Cuckmere Haven; the war diary reads as follows:

0930: 2/Lt Burns, Sgt. Lewis & 1 Driver left to connect up mushrooms at Cuckmere with Capt. Cambridge of the Sussex.

1400: C.Q.M.S. Curtis and Sgt. Line proceeded to Cuckfield Hospital ref. 'effects' & funeral of Sgt. Fall.

1500: Message received from 50th Sussex at Cuckmere to say that a Beach Mine explosion had occurred - killing 2L/t Burns, Capt. Cambridge (Royal Sussex), Sgt. Lewis & Dvr Ball - O.C. left immediately left for Cuckmere.

The diary subsequently states that Sgt. Lewis was buried at Seaford, so I jumped on my bike and went to take a look.

I eventually found his grave with regulation headstone; I was suprised to find Captain Pickard-Cambridge's grave just three along from Lewis's; he may well have been a local man. (The relatives of the other two men requested their bodies be sent home to them.)

Graves of Capt. Pickard-Cambridge and Sgt. Lewis

This sort of story makes you reflect on things; Sgt. Lewis was just 26 when he died; I've already had seven years' more life than he did. It's all very well reading about casualties in unemotional documents, but being faced with gravestones brings reality home.

- Pete



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