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Anyone who knows about the Allied bomber offensive against Germany during WW2 will also know of the sorry turn of affairs that robbed thousands of brave men of proper recognition of their heroism until recently. A memorial has been erected in London, and another was unveiled on Beachy Head last month.

This new monument is situated overlooking the famous lighthouse on a promontory that the memorial reminds us was probably the last site of Britain many bomber crews would have had.

The memorial was actually unveiled about six weeks ago - details from BBC News:

I took my first look at it today; I think it's a very fitting reminder of the 55,573 men who did not return from operations with a service that suffered 50% casualties.

Beachy Head Bomber Command memorial

Beachy Head Bomber Command memorial

There's been a lot written about the rights or wrongs of the bomber offensive but I believe that those who fell in battle should be commemorated despite some people's objections, both at the time and now.

I've been told that the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight's Lancaster Bomber flew over the memorial as a tribute, following its participation in the Eastbourne Airbourne show last Friday. Unfortunately I couldn't be there, but did manage to get to the seafront to see the Lancaster's display the following day:

Beachy Head Bomber Command memorial

Beachy Head Bomber Command memorial

The memorial is not yet adequately signposted; park up near the Beachy Head Hotel and make your way past the seated area with the wall of plaques. Follow the path downwards and you'll eventually see the monument ahead of you in a hollow near the cliff edge.

I was pleased to see the memorial the focus of many cameras during my brief visit - it proved difficult to photograph it myself as result of so many people in the area.

The location at the classic viewpoint for photographing the Beachy Head Lighthouse means that it will be regularly visited.

And so it should.

- Pete



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