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226 Blog: Pillbox ballistics (1)
What was so interesting about this Type 22 pillbox (photo taken June 2006), that I had to go and visit it yesterday?
14 February 2007
227 Blog: Royal Military Canal (3)
I've just looked in the mirror and realised why people on the train were giving me funny looks; I have several splashes of dried mud on my face, in my hair and up the front of my fleece jacket.
13 February 2007
228 Blog: Roadblocks
I came across two roadblock sites today on my way to Bexhill to try and get a problem with my new laptop (I'll post something about this at a later date) fixed.
3 January 2007
229 Blog: New pillbox website on the way!
I've hinted in recent posts that I've been developing a new website related to pillboxes. I was hoping to have launched the full site by now, but recent events and pressures have delayed it slightly.
1 January 2007
230 Blog: National Archives visit
My third and final day of my visit, I arrived here an hour later than planned due to a last-minute decision to go chasing pillboxes. I've seen a total of 5 and a spigot mortar pedestal today, although my photos taken from the train are not clear.
24 November 2006
231 Blog: In Remembrance
I'm writing this piece on Remembrance Day inspired by my research into anti-invasion defences being constructed by 45 Division in Sussex and Kent in 1940.
11 November 2006
232 Blog: Back at Pillbox Alley
The end of October and still the weather remains warm! Taking advantage of today's sunshine (it was jeans and t-shirt weather), I paid another visit to Barcombe Mills to build on my previous trip along part of the GHQ Line.
29 October 2006
233 Blog: Beaches, fields, streets and hills
Having had a nasty virus over the weekend, something that has helped speed my recovery was the delivery of Beaches, fields, streets and hills: the anti-invasion landscapes of England, 1940 by William Foot. (CBA Research Report No.144, Council for British Archaeology 2006; ISBN 1 902771 53 2).
23 October 2006
234 Blog: The GHQ Line
I couldn't believe the weather forecast for today; bright sunshine with temperatures of about 19-20°C - not bad for the middle of October!
15 October 2006
235 Blog: Royal Military Canal (2)
On 27 September (yes, I am nearly 3 weeks behind with my blogging!), I resumed my bike ride along the Royal Military Canal from where I left off previously.
14 October 2006
236 Blog: National Archives visit
I survived a monsoon to get to the archives today; so much rain fell inside about an hour, that the drainage system was overwhelmed.
11 October 2006
237 Blog: Newhaven Defences
On 24 September, I cycled all the way out to Newhaven to look at the defences there; Newhaven was a strategically important port during the war, and still operates today.
9 October 2006
238 Blog: Pett Emergency Coast Defence Battery
Last Monday I took the train to Hastings and cycled out to Pett Level, to visit the remains of a WW2 Emergency Coast Battery.
5 October 2006
239 Blog: Cuckmere Haven defences
On 10 September I rode out to Cuckmere Haven again to take another look at the western side of the river.
4 October 2006
240 Blog: Catching up
I've been very busy the past few weeks; the weather has been surprisingly good for this time of year, and I've been out and about so much that I've not had time to record my activities.
1 October 2006
241 Blog: A curious research milestone...
I finally found time to award myself a day away from everything else and to catch up on some documents on anti-invasion measures I'd photographed at the archives some weeks ago.
18 September 2006
242 Blog: Da Vinci code or just talking blocks?
Regular readers of my blog (if such people exist) are probably bored of this photo by now, but it appears here for the third time to tie up a loose thread left by my archive visit of 10 May.
21 June 2006
243 Blog: 1940 minefield incidents
I mentioned previously that I had found mention of an incident in the war diary of a Royal Engineers Field Company who oversaw many of the defensive preparations in my corner of Sussex in 1940.
11 June 2006
244 Blog: London defences
I spent the morning in London, inspecting some defence works, including the site of the Rotundras.
10 June 2006
245 Blog: The Royal Military Canal
I've got a few days off, so yesterday I decided to take advantage of the good weather. Hopping onto a train to Folkestone, I started cycling back towards Sussex along the Royal Military Canal, taking in the scenery and pillboxes along the way.
8 June 2006
246 Blog: Crouching viper, hidden dragon (tooth)...
As the weather was fine yesterday, I managed to get out to Cuckmere Haven again to check out an anti-tank wall.
5 June 2006
247 Blog: A second bite of a dragon's tooth
I finished the last blog with this photo of 20 blocks at Cuckmere Haven, but while I was processing the full-size image, I noticed what seems to be some writing on the end block that I had not noticed when I was actually there.
12 April 2006
248 Blog: Cuckmere Haven defences
Taking advantage of the relatively good weather, I took a trip out to Cuckmere Haven, a gap in the chalk cliffs between Eastbourne and Seaford where the Germans would have landed had Operation Sealion been given the go-ahead.
9 April 2006
249 Blog: The Long Man of Wilmington
As the weather for today was the best forecast for the weekend, I decided to jump on my bike and get out into the countryside again.
1 April 2006
250 Blog: Rickney Roadblock 2
Following on from yesterday's blog, this Type 25 "Armco" pillbox stands beside a rough track that leads to Pevensey Radar Station; see Subterranean Britannica for the history of this Chain Home Station.
20 March 2006

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