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251 Blog: The Long Man of Wilmington
As the weather for today was the best forecast for the weekend, I decided to jump on my bike and get out into the countryside again.
1 April 2006
252 Blog: Rickney Roadblock 2
Following on from yesterday's blog, this Type 25 "Armco" pillbox stands beside a rough track that leads to Pevensey Radar Station; see Subterranean Britannica for the history of this Chain Home Station.
20 March 2006
253 Blog: Rickney Roadblock
As the sun was shining all morning I decided to jump on my bike after lunch and get some exercise while taking in some anti-invasion defences in the locality; see my blog of 10 March.
19 March 2006
254 Blog: Invasion defences
I've just watched part 2 of Channel 4's documentary The Real Dad's Army, originally aired last Monday. The series so far has been very good, and I can't wait for the final part, which will look at the secret British resistance movement.
10 March 2006
255 Webpage: Heritage Crime
Sadly, heritage crime is something I come into contact with a lot, especially in relation to Second World War sites. Illicit metal-detecting (night-hawking), digging, vandalism and graffiti all threaten our heritage and our understanding of the past. I work closely in partnership with Sussex Police's Heritage Crime Officer, Daryl Holter and the text below is published here on his behalf.
25 August 2019

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