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26 Blog: Roadblock recce (16) - Alfriston
I visited six roadblock sites around Alfriston today, finding 130 buoys, approx. 15 pimples and the only bent RSJ that I know to still be in situ.
2 November 2008
27 Blog: Roadblock recce (16) - Mayfield and Horam
I managed to get out to see a total of 20+ roadblock sites today, mostly in the Mayfield area. I recorded a total of 17 buoys, although only two were at a site listed in the 1941 Roadblock Report.
29 October 2008
28 Blog: Roadblock recce (15) - Kingston near Lewes
I went out in search of six roadblock locations at Kingston near Lewes today and ended up making an interesting discovery a couple of miles up the road at Iford.
28 October 2008
29 Blog: Roadblock recce (14) - Isfield
I briefly went AWOL from a family outing to Isfield in order to visit 3 roadblock locations; I also chanced upon a possible loopholed wall.
26 October 2008
30 Blog: Roadblock recce (13) - Eridge Station
Having been at Eridge for work purposes the last three Friday afternoons, instead of heading off home at the end of today's proceedings I looked for a couple of roadblocks.
17 October 2008
31 Blog: Roadblock recce (12) - Barcombe Mills
On 3 September I went to Barcombe Mills in search of 2 roadblocks. My previous visit had found nothing by the bridge, but the second was new to me as well as a nearby barrel flame trap.
11 October 2008
32 Blog: Roadblock recce (11) - Southease
On 2nd September I drove out to Southease (between Newhaven and Lewes) to take a look at seven roadblock locations.
6 October 2008
33 Blog: Roadblock recce (10) - Frant
A family outing on 25th August to High Rocks near Tunbridge Wells ended in an impromptu Roadblock Recce at Frant.
4 October 2008
34 Blog: Roadblock recce (9) - Glynde
I went out to Glynde on 15th August to investigate a series of 11 buoys at the roadside shown in the photo below; the arrow indicates the position of the 11th.
4 October 2008
35 Blog: Roadblock recce (8) - East Dean and Friston
On 12th August, I returned to East Dean and Friston, two localities that constituted a single nodal point.
4 October 2008
36 Blog: Roadblock recce (7) - Bexhill
I went back out to Bexhill again last Thursday - I've been a bit run down of late, so progress in fieldwork and blogging has been delayed.
12 August 2008
37 Blog: Roadblock recce (6) - Bexhill
I went out today to investigate a few more roadblock locations with a list of 42 sites at Ninfield, Lunsford's Cross and Bexhill.
7 August 2008
38 Blog: Roadblock recce (5) - Uckfield
I spent some time investigating sites in Uckfield today; I managed 10 out of the 12 listed, with the outstanding two requiring a bit more map work before I can locate them. There are no remains of any of the blocks I visited.
28 July 2008
39 Blog: Roadblock recce (4) - Hailsham
I spent this afternoon cycling around Hailsham and its 12 roadblock sites, including one on the A22 that had been listed as being at Polegate.
25 July 2008
40 Blog: Roadblock recce (3) - Rye/Camber
Today saw me drive out to Rye; I set out with grand ideas of covering about 20 roadblocks in Winchelsea, Rye and Camber.
24 July 2008
41 Blog: Roadblock recce (2) - Polegate
I drove out to Polegate today; I had previously establishedthat there were no roadblock remnants, but the report records 4 blocks that were not on the sketch plan I already have.
23 July 2008
42 Blog: Roadblock recce (1) - Rickney/Pevensey
I started my visits of roadblock locations today, taking a trip out to Pevensey and Westham via Rickney and Wartling on my mountain bike.
22 July 2008

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